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This season again, the parka is talking about it. A true hybrid piece that combines comfort and style, the parka has made a place for itself, and not least, in women’s wardrobes. To protect you from the elements, but also and above all to give you a long and proud silhouette, the parka has become a staple in your wardrobe.

Historically designed to help you get through the cold winter, this garment is now available in different materials: short or long, flared or curved, parkas are available in several shapes and colors to adapt to all styles. Removable linings, lined hoods, the parka is designed to adapt to the rhythm of time. They can be worn over your urban chic outfits, they ensure your street-cred, they make you casual and they even establish your elegance: in a word, parkas are there sometimes to finish sometimes to define your look.

The origin of the parka

If the term parka took place in our daily vocabulary, it was initially a Russian dialect with Samoyed origins which would mean “animal skin” and which is now used to designate this long jacket in waterproof fabric or skin, lined and often with a hood. This term would not have arrived in France until around 1700. The cut of the classic parka is a straight cut, with long sleeves, a high collar and patch pockets. Today we find it available in flared, plunging or even asymmetrical cuts.

They are often equipped with a hood, sometimes lined, sometimes lined, sometimes removable, and a lining, often in polyester, designed to face the extreme cold of winter. If the parka is long, it is above all a choice of comfort. Even if its style offers a slender and elegant silhouette, the primary objective of the design of the parka is to cover and insulate the torso, shoulders, back, hips and upper thighs from the cold.

Knowing how to choose your women’s parka

Since 1955, Cesare Nori has offered a selection of the most cutting-edge winter pieces in women’s wardrobes. We have selected from our collection the essential parkas to spend the winter warm without going unnoticed.

At Blonde n ° 8

The RENNES Parka

The Rennes model is a surprising paradox between cut with vintage trends and noble materials. The purity of cotton mixed with real fur makes this piece a must-have, winter must-have for several seasons now. With the Rennes parka, Blonde n ° 8 succeeds in the sleight of hand of offering a garment halfway between sport and refinement, oversized cut. Its hood, adorned with fur and its finely crafted finishes to give an assertive, mischievous, but casual look.

Rennes parkas are available in several sizes and in many colors: khaki, black, khaki night, navy, milk, croissant, chocolate, navy.

Blonde N°8
RENNES 515 Stone 56
Parka with fur hood Blonde N ° 8 Gray

La Parka ASPEN

Comfort and elegance, the Aspen model, designed by the Blonde N ° 8 brand, is an all-terrain parka, ready to highlight your most chic. Neat details and accessories for a casual style look: side pockets, zip fastening, hood with removable fur and chest pockets for a model that is as trendy as it is timeless.

There is nothing like being nestled in a cocoon of warmth to appear proud and elegant, sophisticated and urban. The Aspen 515, Cesare Nori’s favorite, brings you even more than what you would expect from a winter piece: its removable fur makes this parka a mid-season piece once the lining has disappeared.

Aspen parkas are available in several sizes and in many colors: khaki, black, croissant, Coffee, green, milk, navy, military, cookie …

parka aspen 515 kaki 7200

Blonde N°8
ASPEN 515 Kaki/7200
Mid-length parka with fur hood Blonde N ° 8 khaki color

La Parka FROST

At the crossroads, this half-parka, half-down jacket is the latest from Blonde n ° 8, the ultimate reference in terms of winter suits. This quilted parka is undoubtedly the piece that will envelop you in warmth on the inside and in style on the outside. Slightly oversize, completely hybrid, this piece is a clever mix of daring tones in the lining and pastel colors in the adornment.

Ideal to be sure of getting through the winter without catching a cold, this down jacket affirms your urban-chic style. Open for a sloppy quickdraw and closed for a distinguished silhouette, this piece is undoubtedly the one you’ve been looking for.

Frost parkas are available in several sizes and in many colors: Forest, Cookie, Green, Black and Milk.

parka frost forest cookie 7652

Blonde N°8
FROST Forest/Cookie 7752
Woman’s mid-length hooded puffer jacket Blonde N ° 8 green color

At Levinsky

The Michelle Parka

A hybrid piece if there is one, Michelle has made her way between the classic puffer jacket and the very trendy parka. The trapeze of its modern cut gives this model a couture and casual look. Full of grace, this outfit plays with the wind as it plays with its forms. Its snaps, attached gussets, side zips and removable collar are all-important accessories that complete the piece that will finish your look.

You may be surprised by the extreme lightness of the MICHELLE parka, once thrown over your shoulders, as well as its comfort due to the ease of its cut and its warmth, due to the choice of materials. With Michelle and her lined hood, you are unlikely to go wrong.

This parka is available in black, navy and khaki.

parka michelle

Navy parka with fur trimmed hood

La Parka Rex

Made from water-repellent cotton / polyester, this parka is fully lined with fur up to the contour of the hood. Surprisingly, this two-in-one piece is entirely stripped of its fur lining. It can be worn with a lining, it can be worn without, and the icing on the cake, you can even wear only the lining, like you would wear a fur coat.

All the fur is connected to polyester inner sleeves filled with down and everything is removable in one piece. Its plush accessories make this piece the ultimate ally of a chic outfit, worn in three different ways.

Available in two colors (white & black) and available in large sizes.

parka k168595 rex noir

K1685/95 REX Beige
Fur lined pelisse parka

Chez Us

The STELLA long parka coat is one of the most beautiful creations of the Canadian house NOBIS. This women’s parka combines protection against the most extreme weather conditions with a sharp and feminine design. Its almost surprising comfort is due to its filling: 90% premium Canadian white duck down and 10% feathers.

Its small details make its trench coat style a parka perfectly compatible with many looks, sometimes discreetly sexy, sometimes minimalist casual, sometimes casual chic… Its sportswear ribbed cuffs blend elegantly with its removable hood lined with Canadian coyote fur. Future essential, this piece is undoubtedly a nugget: on a small wool sweater as on a long dress, it will make you the woman you always wanted to be.

black stella parka

NOBIS STELLA long parka

Choose the color of your woman’s parka

Often available in a natural autumn / winter color chart, our women’s parka color chart is no exception to the rule. Modern but durable colors, which will go well with all the combinations of your wardrobe:

Black to emphasize your femme fatale side, navy or Navy for a very fashionable effect, Forest green or cookie for a more sportswear side, beige for a touch of softness, gray to cut through the streets of the street. Whatever color you choose to wear, you should know that the parkas that we select with the greatest care are hybrid models perfectly suited to adapting to your looks: open as well as closed our parkas go well with all your clothes: your raw jeans, your little sweaters, your shoes, your jackets or your evening dresses.

What budget for a quality parka?

It takes an average of 700 € for a parka. At Cesare Nori, we offer a selection of parkas ranging from € 200 for outlet or entry-level models up to € 1,200 for models with thermoregulator and real fur. The price difference is often explained by the choice of materials (synthetic microfiber, sheepskin, leather, etc.), the finishes and accessories (leather straps, fur, etc.), the thickness of the lining, the length of the cut, etc. Each of the pieces in our selection has been chosen with the greatest care and will be of high quality.

What is the difference between a parka and a down jacket?

The biggest difference between the two winter coats is the length. The parka has a drape that falls slightly below the hips to mid-thigh for some, while the down jacket often ends at the waist. Then, it is more common to see quilted down jackets, where a parka is often smooth for an elongated silhouette.

You now have the keys to choosing the winter coat that will accompany you for several seasons.

A question about our collection? On a particular parka? Do not hesitate to contact us !

Discover our selection of men’s parka!

At Cesare Nori, delivery is free from a purchase of € 250, take advantage of it! Good shopping !

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