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While we may not regret the summer days, there’s no denying that inspiration for fall outfits is a source of annual excitement. If there’s one piece that takes center stage in our fall ensemble rotation, it’s the leather jacket, in all of its many iterations, and for good reason.

Whether it’s a classic motorcycle jacket, a trench coat or a trendy leather blazer, the possibilities for creating a good outfit around a leather jacket are endless. Here we offer you 6 original and interesting ways to wear a leather jacket this season.

The trend of leather jackets for women

You dressed her in leather biker

Every wardrobe needs a motorcycle jacket. Period. Elevate the style of this Cindy Crawford piece by pairing it with refined and timeless pieces, such as a striped Breton blouse. All you need now is a good pair of jeans (with an elegant look) that you can tuck your top into to make it look more attractive, and a pair of black ankle boots that are both fun and endlessly wearable. , and you have your look. Pro tip: Go gently with your shoes on to avoid looking overly costumed.

Charcoal gray lambskin jacket

The retro leather jacket

The 80s are back and who better to channel them than the girl of the day herself: Madonna. Take your motorcycle jacket and layer it over a black top to complement your high waisted or tapered leg pants. Then slip on a pair of classic Wayfarers and a shiny leather headband to give yourself some pop star pizzazz.

perfect cuir lcw8600

LCW8600 Black
Perfecto Schott cuir noir

The leather trench coat

The leather trench coat more than took off last year, and for good reason. This outfit is more than chic. Choose a trench coat in a rich hue like burgundy or brown, and pair it with similarly textured pants in the same color family, but not exactly matched. The play of different shades can then be accentuated with a patterned sweater that reflects both. Add a quilted bag for an unexpected texture, and voila! A chic look in less than 5 minutes.

trench federika noir

Khaki leather trench coat OAKWOOD

The leather blazer

When you wear a leather look for a night out, go for the unexpected and choose a blazer. Pair it with tight-fitting clothes that protrude, but make sure your choice of pants is as simple as possible. Then add a texture, like an embossed crocodile, with a bag and a pair of white heels to spice things up!

black juliette leather jacket

Black lambskin blazer jacket

Classic chic jacket

The ease with which French women dress is in a category of its own. They manage to take complicated pieces (in other words, an outfit steeped in leather) and make them seem like the easiest thing in the world. The key: don’t go overboard with consistency. If your jacket is tan and cut in a slightly modern style, opt for black pants with a pinched waist, with a chunky knit in between.

beige flower jacket

Cesare Nori
Short beige jacket without collar

Shearling jacket

Sheepskin is always a safe bet for us in winter. Not only is it synonymous with timeless elegance, but it’s also a practical option that keeps us warm. Sheepskin, or shearling, jackets have a long history, which begins with the popular aviator style of the 1930s. And while it has retained its relevance over the decades, it is constantly updated with detail. tendency.

woolen skin jacket tara70 black

Jacket with hood in black sheepskin

The leather jacket for a business woman look

If you are reading this I’m sure you are curious how to wear a leather jacket in the office? If you work in a location that requires a strict dress code, wearing a leather jacket is highly unlikely. But things are slowly changing.

caramel braddie vests

Cesare Nori
Spencer jacket without leather collar

If you intend to wear a leather jacket, here are a few things to consider before wearing a leather jacket for work.

Make sure it looks good on you: As you can see, the woman on the left is wearing an oversized bomber jacket that may work well with casual attire, but that’s a big ‘no’ when it comes to office attire. Instead, the amazing biker jackets on the right are perfectly tailored and stylish.
If you are looking for quality leather jackets at reasonable prices, you can turn to a brand like Angel Jackets which is rated positively and trusted.

Avoid jackets that are too “biker”: Stay away from jackets that have too much detail, like studs or patches, in short, those that are too heavy and overdone. But if you don’t prefer plain jackets and want patterns, you can go for some great quilted jackets.

Now that you know what types of leather jackets are suitable, here are some innovative ideas for business casual outfits that go best with a leather jacket. It will also help you identify what is acceptable and what is not.

Shirts and blouses with the leather jacket: Just like the leather jacket, business shirts for women should also fit well. Opt for white or solid-colored blouses and shirts. You can also experiment with solid colors and understated patterns like checks and stripes, but avoid low-cut shirts and neon colors.

Pants to pair with your leather jacket: There are a lot of things you can try on here, for example, wide bottom pants, dress pants, chinos, and skirts are all appropriate. You can wear jeans if your office dress code allows it. However, shorts, ripped jeans and leggings are quite inappropriate in an office environment.

Skirts and dresses to wear with your leather jacket: Length and tightness are essential factors when it comes to skirts and dresses. Choose knee length or below to dress for the office. Avoid dresses and shirts that are too short and too tight. There aren’t many restrictions on colors, but avoid overly garish colors.

What to wear with a leather jacket?

If there is one item of clothing to invest in this season, it is the leather jacket. If chosen wisely, it is an everlasting outerwear that will serve you for years to come. Every “It Girl,” whether it’s a celebrity, a street style star or a model on vacation, turn to this staple piece to anchor every look in their wardrobe. . Whether it’s a black motorcycle jacket or a trendy piece of clothing, the humble leather jacket has a timeless appeal and rock-solid credibility.

Ever since the white T-shirt and leather jacket look became famous in the 1950s, leather jackets have been a lightweight outdoor solution for spring and fall, with oversized and padded iterations for the cooler months. . The black leather jacket is the most ubiquitous version, and brands keep it in their repertoire season after season. Designers continue to offer unique versions of this classic piece: some take inspiration from its long history, others try to reinvent what it means to wear this must-have.

With slim jeans, a light dress, leather leggings or suede pants … the leather jacket adapts to all looks and all body types. Do not be afraid to dare leather, this timeless material is made for each of us, more feminine or more grunge!

In summary…

Some of you might say that there are thousands of other awesome clothes that are just as cool and pretty as leather jackets. You’re right, but what if you want something timeless and versatile that suits any style? The leather jacket is the most versatile piece of any transitional wardrobe.

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