Redskins: the most beautiful jackets of the brand

Redskin jackets are considered one of the most beautiful and durable on the market. These premium, luxurious pieces are made from cool leathers and suedes, offering durability and an incredibly soft feel. Additionally, each jacket is carefully crafted using raw materials that meet the high standards that Redskin sets forth with any product.

Redskins Brand History

The Redskins brand was established in 1984, inspired by American culture and rock music with a contemporary twist in every design. This French label is based in Gennevilliers and manufactures leather jackets and coats for men. In the 1990s, the Redskins teddy model became a timeless staple in everyone’s wardrobe.

The leather aviator jacket

The bomber jacket in sturdy lambskin has a beautiful glazed finish and is decorated with a patch in honor of the American war aviation. You will appreciate its luxurious and chic style (for such a type of jacket) thanks to its beautiful finishes and its selected quality of leather. For those who want this kind of jacket but are not used to it, the Avia Argus is a very appropriate choice.

Product Features :

  • Sturdy lambskin
  • Polished and matte finish
  • Patch in honor of the American Air War
  • Soft and comfortable inner lining
  • Zipped zippers.

The suede jacket

The Bower jacket from Redskins brand has a teddy inspired look, modern and essential in your wardrobe. The kid leather Teddy jacket offers a chic and sporty look that is always fashionable because suede is an authentic and warm material that goes well with both sportswear and more formal clothing.
1 bower navy
Product Features :

  • Interior pockets and exterior pockets for more practicality
  • A classic cut for a timeless look
  • A Mao collar with a zipped zipper
  • Rib knit cuffs for added comfort
  • Long sleeves to protect you from the cold

The Redskins Bower jacket is one of the most popular models. Its fitted cut, fine accents and satin lining make it elegant and timeless.

Leather biker jacket

Halfway between the biker jacket and the perfecto, the Kayman Electra leather jacket is designed by Redskins, known for its know-how and its quality collections.

The Kayman Electra jacket is a couture and trendy piece. It has a mao collar with two zippers and six pockets in total. What sets it apart are the foam padding reinforcements that give it an unusual look. This jacket can be worn with or without a sweater, thanks to its double zip closure system.

Product Features :

  • Mandarin collar with double zip closure
  • 6 pockets (4 exterior, 2 interior)
  • Foam padding reinforcements.

The Kayman Electra jacket is the perfect jacket for those who want a chic and casual look at the same time. This jacket will give you an elegant and contemporary look and will be ideal to wear all year round.

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