Men’s parka: winter bestseller

You did not land here by chance: you understood it correctly, in 2021, you will have to rely on a parka in your dressing room. To protect you sometimes from the cold, the rain, the wind, but also to give you a proud and elongated silhouette, the parka is the essential piece of the male wardrobe.

Historically designed to help you get through the cold winter, this garment is now available in different materials, also offering mid-season options. With their removable linings and hoods, parkas become hybrids and perfectly designed to adapt to the vagaries of the weather. All-terrain clothing if there is one, the parka can be worn with urban, sportswear, casual or even dandy chic outfits.

Hybrid and versatile, the men’s parka acts like a chameleon: it blends in with your outfits and styles while imposing a look and shaping a silhouette.

The origin of the parka

If today the term parka defines a long jacket in waterproof fabric or skin, lined and often equipped with a hood at the start, this term comes from a long journey. The term “parka” comes from a Russian dialect with Samoyed origins and means “animal skin”. He would not have arrived in France until the 1700s.

The cut of this garment is a straight cut, with long sleeves, a high collar and patch pockets. It often has a hood, sometimes lined, sometimes removable, and a lining, often designed to cope with severe drops in temperature. If the parka is long, it is above all a choice of comfort.

Even if its style offers a slender and elegant silhouette, the primary objective of the form is to cover and protect from the cold at the same time the torso, the shoulders, the back, the hips and the upper thighs.

A parka, yes, but which one?

Choose your men’s parka

Since 1955, Cesare Nori has offered a selection of the most cutting-edge winter pieces in the men’s wardrobe. We have selected from our collection of great classics, sure values ​​if there are any, to help you find the parka you need to spend the winter in the warmth without going unnoticed.

Blonde n ° 8 for an urban casual look

You can go for the Blonde n ° 8 brand which offers with the St Moritz model a textile parka with a military spirit but a trendy-chic character that will finish setting the tone of your style: a unique mix of real fur and fabric with a slightly satin finish, you will quickly put on a chic adventurer style. On a shirt as on a sweater, on pants as on jeans, this jacket will highlight the style you have chosen to wear.

Blonde N°8
ST MORITZ/515 Croissant 54
BLONDE N ° 8 Camel men’s parka with fur hood

Milestone for a plush sportswear look

The Celino 3/4 parka from Milestone features a removable hood and double rex fur collar. Two pieces in one for the man who knows how to evolve as well in everyday sportswear outfits, jeans and small white sneakers as in your most trendy suits and shoes. You will be seduced by the comfort and lightness of this parka, with a wide choice of size, available up to xxl.

The Chris leather parka from Milestone is a 3/4 jacket in mat lambskin. Its sportswear line is both very chic and refined. This model, renowned for its undeniable comfort, makes the big difference between your casual looks and your more formal clothes. Its leather material makes this parka a daring and elegant piece. You can count on its officer collar to give you a confident look. Its removable hood makes this parka a piece with a double play, ideal for the man who knows how to play with his different looks.

parka celino night blue

CELINO Night Blue
Hooded parka MILESTONE

Nobis to reveal the worker dandy in you

The Yves parka from Nobis is a piece that combines elegance with extreme cold: thanks to its thermoregulating down, its windproof material and its 100% waterproof side, you will be both enveloped in the warmth of this parka and seduced by the its modern and yet timeless style. Available in black, navy and steel, the Yves parka and its sleek design can be worn on all styles and accompany all your moments.

The Pierre parka from Nobis is thermo-regulated, windproof, waterproof and light: this jacket has all the advantages to get through the autumn / winter season. With its minimalist style and beautiful fitted cut, this nugget, available in black and navy, will easily be worn on your dressy cotumes as well as on your most casual looks. Hybrid and versatile, this parka will bring confidence and elegance to your style. This parka will be ideal to wear in winter over a suit jacket.

black yves parka

YVES Black
parka grand froid

Schott to return to the basics of American fashion

The LC COLORADOH hooded parka is in double-sided sheepskin. Directly inspired by the aviator jacket trend, this parka is a daring and hybrid piece. Directly in contact with natural wool, you will be nestled in a perfect heat regulator that adapts to your environment and will offer you thermal comfort from + 15 ° and down to -15 °.

This model can be worn as an over-jacket over your suits to give you a chic casual look while making you subtly casual. Just that.

parka lccoloradoh noir

SCHOTT 3/4 double-sided sheepskin coat

Levinsky for the paroxysm of elegance

No, sheepskin is not just for women. The Owen parka from Levinsky is made from men’s shearling in merino lambskin and is warm and super light to wear. This garment, like most of our men’s parkas, goes well with your sportswear outfits as well as your suits. Surprisingly comfortable and supple, its style is halfway between the urban casual allure and Scandinavian chic.

By putting on this model you will be in direct contact with the natural wool of merino lamb: natural thermal regulator from -15 ° to + 15 °. For a business men’s look as for a sporty look, this piece is to put at the top of your Christmas wishlist!

parka owen 85 dark brown

OWEN/85 Dark Brown
Men’s black shearling parka

Choose the color of your men’s parka

Often available in autumnal hues, our men’s parka color chart does not leave the beaten track. The colors of the Cesare Nori selection are modern and very trendy colors, which will go well with all your wardrobe but also with all your styles without taking any risk:

Black to emphasize your elegant side, navy or Navy for a very fashionable dandy effect, khaki for a more sporty side, brown for a nod to the classic, beige for a touch of softness, gray to cut through the streets of the city. Whatever color you choose to wear, you should know that the parka, open or closed, is a piece that adapts to all styles, and that goes with your jeans as well as your suits.

How to wear the parka properly?

Good news: There are as many ways to wear a parka as there are possible combinations in your wardrobe.

For a chic tuxedo look

Treat yourself to a style that masters the repertoire of masculine elegance: Choose the Pierre parka from Nobis. Lay your parka over dress pants, a well-tailored shirt, and shoes with double buckles. As for accessories, opt for a thin and discreet belt. For a younger take on the chic tuxedo look, replace the shirt with a white tee-shirt and opt for a suit with a two-button double-breasted jacket. Opt for crisp white sneakers to say that you have the codes.

pierre kaki parka

parka grand froid

For a streetwear look

For a quality streetwear look we forget the garish colors, we favor sweatshirt and jeans materials and we forget the fleece type materials. Combine urban culture with classic casual with street outfits enhanced by a quality parka. Choose the St Moritz hooded parka from blonde n ° 8. Chino pants or raw jeans, white or black sneaker-style shoes, a basic sweatshirt with a fitted cut, and you are ready to break through the asphalt with a confident look and the best of styles: yours.

For a casual-chic look

Let’s not lose sight of the fact that a stylish man is a man who knows how to go back to the good old fashion basics by appropriating the codes. To create a casual chic look with elegant accents, you will need a parka that can be worn over a sweater as well as over small jackets or light jackets, which will be worn open. A clever game of volume and shapes. Choose the Celino model from Milestone and pair it with raw jeans and a beige crew-neck sweater. Add a small, light blazer jacket. You are perfect.

What budget for a quality parka?

It takes an average of 700 € for a parka. At Cesare Nori, we offer a collection of parkas ranging from € 200 for outlet or entry-level models up to € 1,200 for models with thermoregulator and real fur. The price difference is often explained by the choice of materials (synthetic microfiber, sheepskin, leather, etc.), the finishes and accessories (leather straps, fur, etc.), the thickness of the lining, the length of the cut, etc. Each of the pieces in our selection has been chosen with the greatest care and will be of high quality.

What is the difference between a parka and a down jacket?

The biggest difference between the two winter coats is the length. The parka has a drape that falls slightly below the hips to mid-thigh for some, while the down jacket often ends at the waist. Then, it is more common to see quilted down jackets, where a parka is often smooth for an elongated silhouette.

You now have the keys to choosing the winter coat that will accompany you for several seasons. A question about our collection? On a particular parka? Do not hesitate to contact us !

Want to give a gift to your beloved? Better than a skirt or a dress, discover our selection of women’s parka, a piece that will make her through the seasons warm and in style.

At Cesare Nori, delivery is free from a purchase of € 250, take advantage of it! Good shopping !

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