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Sold in more than 40 countries, Nobis is the Canadian brand that we don’t do without during the winter. Since its creation in 2007, Nobis has stood out thanks to its quality materials which effectively protect against the cold, and the elegance of its parkas and coats.

The history of the Nobis brand

It has been a few years now that the Nobis brand, meaning “we” in Latin, has established itself as the parka and coat specialist. Originally from Toronto, it is committed to developing high quality models to face the cold and unpredictable conditions of winter, especially in Canada, while offering an incomparable style for both women and men.

By creating the Nobis brand, their goal was to protect themselves from the cold with very high quality materials, while maintaining a pretty urban and practical style throughout the cool season. And it is the alliance of these two ideas that makes the charm of their coats. After conquering the country of North America, Nobis parkas also seduce Europe and become the queen of ski resorts.

The combination of technology and style to protect against the cold

Nobis parkas and coats are versatile pieces that adapt to any kind of winter activity and environment. Indeed, thanks to the exceptional materials used in Nobis products, you are free to stroll in town, cycle, walk in nature or even in the mountains, while being protected from the cold and the rain. You can live your dynamic daily life, go wherever you want thanks to the comfort guaranteed by the different models of the brand.

What makes these coats, down jackets and parkas so adaptable to any situation is the waterproofness guaranteed by their SympaTex waterproof membrane. This means that they aren’t just water resistant like many other competitive products, they actually protect against rain without letting it through. In addition, this membrane is windproof, which prevents the cold from passing inside the jacket. Regarding insulation, the brand has selected duck down of Canadian origin which provides ultimate warmth, essential to counter the cold of winter.

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An ethical conscience

The white duck down chosen for insulation against the cold is an ethical and premium quality processed down. The feathers used for this down are recovered from the meat industry, which avoids a large amount of waste and allows the breeders to earn additional income. In addition, the farms from which this down comes comply with the rules in force of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

The fur on the hoods is coyote fur from North America. They come from a technique called “trapping” which makes it possible to ensure the good health of populations of wild fur-bearing animals. These are trappers holding a special permit, who manage the balance of these animals as well as the annual quotas defined by the local wildlife management and conservation authorities. The furs therefore come from this practice which has existed for generations, and whose primary objective is to manage the conservation and protection of all wild species. Trapping is highly regulated and controlled by the Agreement on International Humane Trapping Standards (AIHTS).

Down and fur are natural products, untreated and uncolored, 100% biodegradable, which minimizes the environmental impact of the Nobis brand.

A parka with a high-end positioning

Thanks to the clean lines of the models and the quality of the materials and textiles used for each coat and parka, the Nobis brand is placed in the premium segment of outerwear. The brand offers different levels of protection, which allows you to choose your coat according to your lifestyle and the current climate. Nobis models protect from -5 ° and some can resist temperatures down to -40 °. The advantage of the real fur of the products is that it protects very well from extreme conditions such as extreme cold, wind, and snow.

The prices of parkas will depend on their length and intensity of protection against very cold temperatures. For a parka protecting down to -15 °, you can find your happiness for a price of 749 euros. The prices then vary between 1000 and 2000 euros for warmer and longer parkas, and can exceed 2000 euros for a very thick parka allowing to face the most extreme conditions.

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A parka that adapts to all winter looks

Take the example of the Yves parka for men. It exists in several sober colors: black, navy blue, and gray. This makes it easy to match with suits or work outfits. In addition, its straight and long shape is very elegant, offering a chic allure in all circumstances, even on more casual outfits. The same goes for the Pierre parka. The latter is just as elegant but slightly more sober, because it has no fur on the hood. On the other hand, no difference as to the look it gives off, and the warmth it guarantees by its duck down composition.

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In conclusion, Nobis is the uncompromising brand, which allows you to live easily without asking yourself questions. Nobis continues to challenge herself to seduce us and she is not ready to stop. It’s your turn to give in and treat yourself to your magnificent parka with incomparable comfort to face the many cold winters to come. You will find our selection of coats, including the Yves parka, the Pierre parka, on our website or in our store in Toulouse.

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