How to buy jackets, jackets and coats on the internet?

Buying clothes online is a practice that has become more and more normal in recent years, especially since the first confinement. But if for some people buying on the internet has no secrets, for others it is still complicated. Here are our tips for buying jackets and coats on the internet with confidence.

Where to buy jackets and coats on the internet?

To buy a leather jacket online, several types of merchant sites are available to you. In recent years, marketplaces like Amazon have grown a lot, especially since the first confinement in 2020. The principle of a marketplace is to connect a seller and a buyer. The stocks of products are often directly with the seller, he only uses the marketplace for the sales process, and he must therefore pay a certain commission on sales to the platform in question. Some marketplaces are general like Amazon or Ebay where you can find almost anything you want, and others are more specialized. For example, Farfetch is a marketplace where you will only find luxury clothing and accessories for men and women. You can therefore find coats and jackets on these two types of marketplaces.

There are also smaller e-commerce sites. For example, when a brand wishes to sell its clothes on the internet without going through an intermediary, it has the possibility of having and managing its own merchant site. Finally, it is possible to make purchases on more or less specialized multi-brand e-commerce sites, such as our site You will find jackets, jackets and coats in leather, suede and sheepskin for men and women, selected from different brands.

Cesare Nori has been a specialist in leather and skins since 1955. All orders placed on our site are handled internally by our web team, who are available to answer any questions. If you prefer personalized support, and an order handled with care, it is better to turn to sites like ours, with which you can easily interact, unlike marketplaces.

Where to buy jackets and coats on the internet?

Why buy jackets and coats on the internet?

Why buy your jacket or leather jacket on the internet when you could find one in a physical store?

First of all because of the diversity of products that can be found. Indeed, today you can buy everything on the web, especially when it comes to clothing. This way, if you want to buy a jacket from a particular brand that you cannot find in a physical store, there is a good chance that you will find what you are looking for on the internet.

Buying your leather jacket online also allows comparison. For example, if we are looking for a leather jacket, we will be able to find it on a multitude of different sites, whether it is the direct sites of brands like Schott, or multi-brand sites like ours. You will therefore be able to compare the different cuts and colors to see what you prefer. You will also be able to compare the prices offered according to the sites if they are different. In addition, the available payment methods are not always the same depending on the site, so remember to see if those offered suit you. Finally, it is important to be well informed about the costs and delivery times so as not to have any bad surprises, and to be able to choose what suits best.

On our site you can find a wide variety of styles of jackets, jackets and coats for men and women. You will be able to compare the models according to the different brands. For example, we have a large selection of leather perfectos for women, or suede jackets for men. Among these products, you will find jackets and jackets from our own Cesare Nori collection – French manufacturing. As the name suggests, the pieces are all made in France, and sizes range from 34 to 54 for women, and from 48 to 58 for men. In addition, each model in this collection can be personalized on request, if you want a certain color or modify a detail for example.

Cesare Nori Collection - Made in France
Cesare Nori Collection – Made in France

In addition, certain brands or certain products in particular are only present in certain large cities. This therefore makes buying in a physical store difficult when you do not live in the cities in question. So, buying online will allow you to order your favorite products from anywhere.

How to buy jackets and coats on the internet?

While buying online has a lot of advantages, it is still a slightly more complicated process than buying in person, which therefore requires some precautions.

The first obstacle that we often encounter on the internet is the choice of size. Indeed, depending on the models, cuts and especially brands, we do not always make the same size. It is not a problem when you can try to find out which size to take, but on the internet it is more difficult. This is why it is necessary to know its measurements and if possible its morphology.

Indeed, when ordering on the internet, the first thing to do is to take a good look at the size guide offered by the merchant site. Depending on the site, it will be more or less detailed. Some offer a size guide according to models or brands, and others make it more general. Also, see if the site offers specific size advice in the product description. For example, some of the models we offer fit large, so we advise customers to take a size below their usual size. In addition, if a model is worn in an adjusted way, we also specify it so that the customer can make his choice with confidence. Finally, do not hesitate to see if the site specifies the size worn by the model and how much he measures. This can be an additional point of comparison when deciding which size to take.

If you still have any doubts with this information, very often customer services are available to answer your questions. They can be contacted either by email, by phone, or even directly via a chatbot. In this way you will be able to ask all your questions and obtain personalized advice that will further reassure you in your order. And if you are looking for your jacket for this spring and need some advice, you can also read our article Which jacket or jacket for women to choose for the mid-season?

Finally, before any purchase of a jacket or leather jacket on the internet, find out about the conditions of exchange, return and refund, in case the item you want to order is not suitable.

How to buy jackets and coats on the internet?
How to buy jackets and coats on the internet?

In order to best meet the expectations of our customers, the web team of our site is available to discuss with you and answer all your questions. You can therefore be accompanied in a personalized way in your purchases on our website.

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