The Oakwood brand, essential for leather pieces

It is THE reference in ready-to-wear leather, we see its success grow, it is of course the Oakwood brand. If you do not know it yet or not enough, here is its little story and the products it offers.

L’histoire d’Oakwood, « the leather brand »

Oakwood is a French leather brand created in the 80s by Naïm Arditi, creator of the Cuirco Diffusion brand. As its slogan “the leather brand” indicates, Oakwood has positioned itself as THE benchmark for high-end leather ready-to-wear. The Oakwood brand is recognized worldwide for the quality of its leather, its finishes, and its various models.

With its wide range of products, Oakwood dresses men and women of all ages and styles, with the seasons and trends.

Oakwood women’s suede biker jacket

Elegant and high-end leather products

If you are looking for a jacket or a leather jacket for men or women, you will surely find what you are looking for in the Oakwood collection. Each piece is made with care, with noble and pure materials, such as genuine leather, nubuck or even fur.

Each collection is developed according to the fashion trends of the new seasons. Oakwood imposes its own style in the world of high-end leather ready-to-wear, and continues to innovate by renewing its cuts and colors.

Thanks to the brand’s authentic know-how, each piece is crafted with care, attention to detail and unique finishes. The style of the Oakwood models is timeless, each product of the brand is timeless. If you buy a leather biker jacket, a suede trench coat, or a leather bomber jacket from Oakwood, you can be sure that your product will stay up to date over the years.

Whether men’s or women’s items, you will enjoy wearing them thanks to the modern and comfortable fit of all Oakwood brand products. In addition, their different leather creations will allow you to have a personal and original look while being elegant. Indeed, each model is thought out and studied with care, and the Oakwood brand always brings a touch of modernity to make its products unique, even for basics like the leather jacket.

Oakwood men's leather jacket
Oakwood men’s leather jacket

Oakwood products are created with the aim of offering original creations that become centerpieces of your wardrobe, that you can wear for years with pleasure without getting bored. Knowing that every jacket, jacket and other branded product is made from the finest materials and chosen with care, you can also be sure that your leather jacket will not get damaged anytime soon.

Oakwood therefore offers a range of high-end leather ready-to-wear, whether in terms of the style of the products which makes them original and timeless at the same time, whether it is their finishes or the quality of the materials used.

The Oakwood brand and its wide selection of leather products

Beyond the quality of its leather products, what makes the Oakwood brand unique is also its wide range of products.

If you can choose your suede jacket, leather jacket or leather jacket for the seasons to come, Oakwood has much more to offer. Indeed, you will also find all kinds of ready-to-wear items, such as leather and suede pants, or even leather shorts.

Leather pants, suede and leather shorts
Leather pants, suede and leather shorts

So there is something for all styles and all tastes. Want a classic suede jacket, black or navy blue? Are you looking for a leather biker jacket? Or would you like to find colored leather pants for women to liven up your looks? Look no further, Oakwood is bound to have the part for you.

You can find products for men and women, basic pieces or more original cuts, in classic colors or not. Oakwood offers a full range of leather products, enough to fill your closet and make new modern and elegant looks.

The Oakwood brand is models for everyone, for all styles, in all colors, and all at very affordable prices for leather products. Indeed you can find suede pants for women for less than 300 euros, leather shorts for women at 150 euros, or even a suede jacket for men in the 300 euros.

We can therefore also remember that in addition to offering a complete range from jackets to leather pants, the Oakwood brand also offers an indisputable quality / price ratio.

So with the sunny days coming, why not buy yourself the Oakwood piece of your dreams to spend the mid-season? And if you need advice on making your choice, do not hesitate to consult our article Which jacket or jacket for women to choose for the mid-season? You can find our selection of Oakwood brand leather products for men and women on our website, or in stores in Toulouse.

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