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Plus size fashion for women is a topic we hear more and more about in recent years and with good reason. Despite the controversies over the lack of large sizes in the various women’s collections, and the under-representation of luscious women in advertisements, there are still few large-size clothing in stores.

History and evolution of plus size fashion for women

In recent years we have seen a movement towards more inclusive women’s fashion and the positive body. At the head of this movement are plus size models like Ashley Graham and influencers on social networks, who are trying to change mentalities and fashion dictates.

Today the signs which formerly only put forward very thin women and clothes of small sizes, are questioning themselves more and more. Some now agree to represent the diversity of the female body, but this is still far from being the case for all brands. Indeed, the fashion world is still stuck on norms and standards that are not representative of society and of every woman. According to a theory by Michel Foucault taken up by the American teacher-researcher Lauren Downing Peters, “what we wear is determined by the standards and expectations of the societies and communities in which we live”.

To better understand how plus size fashion for women was born and evolved, let’s retrace its history a little. Around the 1915s, manufacturers of womenswear realized that there was a market share to be taken as women with shapes made up a sizeable portion of the population. The production of plus size clothing was therefore born to meet the needs of these women, but without any real interest on the part of the manufacturers. At that time, large size clothing was sold as items that could slim the silhouette. In addition, plus size models were separated from the rest of the women’s clothing on the store shelves. Indeed, at that time, it was believed that strong women preferred to choose their clothes in places separate from other sizes to be more comfortable. It was thought through and decided, it was not a coincidence, or a question of practicality.

Clothing for women

Even if we can see that things are tending to change, that some brands for women now offer plus size, that many positive messages about the female body are roaming social networks, mentalities are far from having really changed. Curvy women are still very stigmatized in the fashion world, and models with perfect bodies remain predominant on advertisements, catwalks and social media. This prevents you from really seeing the plus size as something normal that should be systematically offered by the various brands of women’s fashion.

Finally, beyond integrating plus size into all women’s collections, what “plus size” women want is not to be seen as a category of customers apart from others. When you buy large size, you realize that brands often offer “plus size” collections that are different from the rest of the standard size products. To really democratize plus size fashion, it would simply be necessary to extend its size range to all products, without differentiating between sizes.

Of course, you have to keep in mind that a certain model does not necessarily suit all body types. This is valid for both large and smaller sizes. Thus, a model will go perfectly to fine body types but less well to luscious body types or vice versa. Likewise, a woman usually doing a 38 will be able to put on certain models that another woman wearing the same size will not be able to. Although they are the same size of clothes, if their morphologies are different, they will not be able to put the same pieces. It is therefore necessary to know how to differentiate the products adapted to each morphology and each woman, whether for large sizes or not.

You can also read our article How to choose your leather pants, if you want more information on morphologies and suitable models.

How to buy plus size clothing for women online?

Buying women’s clothing online is always more complicated than in a physical store, since you don’t have the opportunity to try before you buy. And when you wear a plus size, it can be all the more complicated, as brands are often still new to plus size.

The first thing to do when choosing your size is to read the size guide. Depending on the brands and the sites they will be more or less well detailed. Some e-commerce sites have a general guide for all their products, others will differentiate according to the brands if they have several, or according to each product.

If you find that the size guide is not specific enough or does not contain enough measurements to make your choice with confidence, please do not hesitate to inquire directly with customer service. This can be done via a chatbot, by email or by phone. In this way, you will be able to know if the brand of the garment in question is sized large or normal, and you can request a few additional measurements if necessary.

The key is to know your measurements well, because for the same measurements the number on the label may be different according to the brands. If you have all your measurements and are well informed about the product you are interested in, you have every chance that it will look great on you and avoid disappointment.

Know your measurements well
Know your measurements well

Where to buy women’s plus size on the internet?

Knowing how to choose your plus size clothes is one thing, but knowing where to find it is another story! As we could say above, there are still few brands in the fashion world that actually offer large sizes for women. But don’t panic, some brands have understood that all bodies and morphologies must be able to benefit from the same choices during their shopping.

You will find in our Toulouse store Cesare Nori and on our site, brands like Levinsky or Intuition which offer models ranging from 34 to 54. We also offer this same size range on the products of our brand Cesare Nori – French manufacture, in order to to address all women, whatever their body or morphology.

Where to buy plus size online?
Where to buy great online?

If you are looking for a fur coat, a leather, shearling or suede jacket for women, a wide choice awaits you in store or on our site. There are models for all styles, all colors, in all different fits, and at the top of fashion. So don’t wait any longer to find the part of your dreams!

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