24h Le Mans, the legendary sports brand

Motor racing continues to fascinate people from an early age. So to feel a little closer to the heroes who roam the circuits, the famous 24h Le Mans race has released its own line of sports leather jackets.

The history of 24h Le Mans jackets

The 24h Le Mans leather jackets are directly inspired by the famous car race of the same name. This competition was created by the Automobile Club de l’Ouest in 1923. It was George Durand, the secretary general, who launched the first edition of this race with the aim of participating in the evolution of technical progress, and thus promote the growth of the automobile.

This is a 24-hour endurance race, taking place on a circuit near the city of Le Mans, hence the name of the competition. Today this race is known all over the world and it is even one of the most prestigious.

The 24h Le Mans brand jackets were therefore designed in 2020, as a tribute to the heroes of these endurance car races. The different models are created in collaboration with the Classic Legend Motors brand, a true benchmark in rider-style leather jackets.

24h Le Mans sport jacket

The particularities of the 24h Le Mans collection

The collection of 24h Le Mans jackets is based on the world of sport and racing. They are designed according to the codes of motor racing and motorcycles, different mechanical and safety equipment.

Everything is worked on down to the smallest detail, from the zippers to the inner closures, from the mandarin collar to the press-studs, including the embroidered patches, everything is designed to perfectly match the spirit of the races. In addition, the quality of the 24h Le Mans jackets is undeniable. Whether in terms of cut, finishes, genuine leather or the overall appearance of each model, quality and comfort are at the rendezvous. In fact, the leather chosen to make the jackets is supple and very comfortable. So, for all addicts of beautiful genuine leather, the 24h Le Mans jackets are made for you.

These jackets exude a style that is both sporty and elegant, which allows a large number of men to identify with the brand’s collection. If you want to give your looks a little rhythm and daring, the 24h Le Mans brand jackets are made for you.

Beyond the sportswear side of the collection, the jackets also have a vintage style, very fashionable in recent years.

Car racing leather jacket
Motor racing leather jacket

The spirit of the 24h Le Mans brand.

Wearing a 24h Le Mans jacket is to adopt the spirit of motor racing and the heroes of these endurance circuits. The collection dresses athletes, adventurers, car, motorcycle and racing enthusiasts.

Adopting a 24h Le Mans jacket is to assume a style with a strong character, it is to have a certain bad boy allure while remaining elegant. But wearing a jacket from this famous car race is above all having the mentality of a champion.

When you buy a 24h du Mans jacket, you enter the history of the race, you participate in the adventure, at its strong moments punctuated by the risks taken, the victories, the celebrations and all the other incredible memories accumulated since almost 100 years.

The 24h Le Mans collection aims to share the adventure and the state of mind of this legendary race, to provide a unique experience for those who wear these exceptional jackets.

What should be remembered about the 24h Le Mans collection is that by wearing a brand jacket you always make the difference.

Legendary 24h Le Mans jacket
Legendary 24h Le Mans jacket

How to wear a 24h Le Mans jacket?

Since the 24h Le Mans jackets have a design with a strong character, we can opt for a rather simple style, because the jacket will be the highlight of the look.

To stay in the sport / urban style, blue jeans with a white t-shirt and sneakers will make a simple and elegant look.

Royal blue leather jacket
Royal blue leather jacket

If you choose a black jacket, you can also opt for a slightly more “biker” style. To complete your biker look, choose black or black jeans a little faded, with high-top leather boots style lace-up shoes, and a white or black t-shirt.

Black 24h Le Mans jacket
Black 24h Le Mans jacket

Finally, you can also decide to completely mix the sporty style of the jacket with a much more urban and elegant style. In this case, you can therefore opt for black chinos-style pants, with a white t-shirt and leather dress shoes or white sneakers.

24h Le Mans leather jacket
24h Le Mans leather jacket

If the assumed style of the 24h Le Mans jackets has seduced you, now is the time to buy your own racing jacket. Find our selection of 24h Le Mans jackets on our website or in stores in Toulouse. And if you are more of the bomber jacket style, do not hesitate to take a look at our products from the Royal Air Force brand, also in collaboration with Classic Legend Motors.

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